Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Homemade Bath Products, part 1

Made my own sugar scrub today because I saw a pot of it for around 20 bucks and it made me sort of angry. Also saw it for upwards of 30 at bath and body works when I was an associate there.

1 cup coarse raw organic brown sugar (The malawi raw sugar works well. Do not use packed brown sugar, there is too much added moisture for the recipe. You can use white as well, but whatever you do use, make sure it is DRY.)

your choice of carrier oil (sunflower, canola, and coconut oil are all good choices)

3 tsp jajoba oil (available at health food stores like good earth market and Co-ops (if you can't find jojoba oil, you can use plain old extra virgin olive oil instead, but olive oil can sometimes add its own smell)

3 tsp your choice of essential oils (you can mix and match)

optional: 1 tsp extract such as vanilla, coconut, or peppermint

pour the sugar through a funnel into a clear plastic jar. You can reuse old cosmetic jars for this. I don't recommend glass jars, although they look pretty they can be dangerous if dropped in a shower. Pour in enough of the carrier oil to get just about 1/2 of the sugar wet. Stir in remaining oils and extract until you get a nice slushy consistency; not too wet. You can add more sugar or more carrier oil as needed.

Use once a week on wet skin in the shower or bath, scrub in circles, rinse, and viola!